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Saturday, February 09, 2008



I shall look forward to seeing the lavender by the fence. My dog used to love to lie under the lavender bush, she never had fleas and I am sure its because her coat smelt of lavender!

Fran aka Redondowriter

It will be beautiful, Roz, but Autumn Cottage's seasonal faces are all beautiful. Isn't it fun to look forward to the lavender's arrival?


The lavendar is going to look wonderful by the fence. What a good price too! We are getting little hints of spring here too.



I love lavendar! I actually have really good luck growing this in the front or the back of the house! Mine is buried under snow at the moment.

Britt-A in Norway

I really look forward to follow the growth of these blue beauties.....


Roz the pllugs are a great idea but this gardener thinks looking at that blank camvas that the gate deserves too large lavenders planted this year on both sides..wink! I look forward to seeing this space fill up this summer and hearing about the pleasure it brings you.


Oh I love lavender too and while it is supposed to do well in dry old Arizona, I never have had any luck with it here. The fence will look lovely, Roz! Waiting for it to grow and fill the space is part of painting the picture!

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