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Thursday, March 27, 2008



My gosh, those look beautiful. What a nice job you did. I tried sushi ONCE. It just wouldn't go down. I must admit I had more than a couple of drinks at the time. Perhaps that's the key.

Melissa's Cozy Teacup

I too have started making my own sushi and it's been great fun learning new methods. Yours looks so good and tasty!


Dang it...I'm looking at this post at ref desk. NO sushi in the library! An hour and a half until I am off. Oh boy.

I love your writing about your studies. I wish my students at our college were studying such interesting things so I could help with the research and learn along the way. We tend more to the very beginning students who are struggling to learn how to do a proper citation and how to find articles to use in their critical essays of obsure poems. A visit to your garden is always a nice diversion in the day.


The sushi looks tasty. One of my favorites(and inexpensive) is vegetarian. Use a slice of avocado for the filling - with either slivers of cucumber or carrot. Or avocado with a couple of baby spinach leaves and a slice of pickled ginger... or... I could go on and on, LOL!


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