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Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Thank you for this post !
A lot to watch, a lot to read and learn - and a lot to think over.


Nice to see you posting again. Your garden is looking wonderful. How darling your arbor will be with roses climbing over it!
This was a fascinating post!!
It breaks my heart when people are so misinformed that they believe that God and the Bible is anti-woman. If I had time I could go on and on and on about how highly Jesus esteemed women. Afterall, the "gospel" of Jesus' resurrection was first given to a woman (Mary) before His apostles! "Who can find a virtous woman for she is more valuable than rare gems?"
Yes, women were so instrumental in the development of the early church and they were not discriminated by the apostles--they were dearly appreciated!
I don't want to overstep here--just mainly wanted to say Wow! Great post!


Yes, Roz, yes! This is what set me on fire decades ago! Learning that women were essential in the ancient church (including Mary Magdalene, of course -- NOT a whore, but probably also not the Holy Grail) was what set my heart on fire again. I long felt that as a woman I had no place in the church, unless I was interested in baking cookies or sewing crafts for the bazaar. I think inclusion of women in the leadership of the ancient church was probably a great battle (one we eventually lost), and I think Peter was against it, Paul was for it. For all I know, it may have been almost as big as whether new Christians had to be Jews first, or could just enter as new Christians without the rites of Judaism (that was HUGE in the ancient church, of course).

Mary Magdalene has been associated to (my passion) the Black Madonnas. I don't know if the association is valid or not -- that will be part of my research (yes, I'll send you the reading list, once I finally get it all written down). But there is also at least one Black Madonna in Venice -- I think "Sante" is in her name, and she's on one of the islands -- she was commissioned in thanksgiving for being spared from the plague. I intend to see her when next I go (soon, I hope) -- if you check her out before I get there, please take pictures and send me a copy, as I'd like to make an icon of her.

So glad you had this opportunity! Women in the ancient church is a fascinating topic, I think, and the burial of that tradition, and how "the feminine" managed to sneak in through the millennia!


Women were not only very active in the early church (house churches) but still are today! My husband and I are both the pastors of our church although I am much like Lydia the seller of purple who Paul met and told about Jesus. I came across your blog by way of Gracious Hospitality today. Do you live in England? My birth father was Hurley Burton Hughes - a welsh name I hear.

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