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Thursday, July 03, 2008



What a beautiful post Roz, both the words and the photo's. Your garden is so green and lovely.

Like you, I'm keeping the faith with Carolyn and Arnie and being reminded how precious life really is.



Oh, what a lovely time I had here at your blog this morning, Roz, catching up on all you've written since May. A lovely diversion on this beautiful summer day.


All of your hard work has really paid off.
Your garden is beautiful!

I too am keeping Arnie and Carolyn in my prayers.


Hello Roz - your beautiful post brought a tear or two. The lovely photos of your peaceful garden, mixed with sadness of your friend and her husband in his struggle to regain his health after this huge setback, just seemed unfair.
We ask little of life really, especially when we have such a great love for Nature and what she offers. It's the beauty surrounding us - the trees, flowers, birds and those tiny jewels, such as your dragonflies, that suddenly emerge and fill the day with wonder.

The poem is amazing and I will keep it close at hand for special times - thank you for sharing this. Carolyn and Arnie will be remembered in my prayers.

Love the curtains at the door of the Summerhouse - so romantic. Your pond area looks lush, the Passion Flower (or is it a clematis?) is gorgeous.

Stay well - enjoy the English Summer afternoons - I remember them well.
Warm wishes - Mary.


Just dropping in to see how you and your garden are doing. I keep checking Carolyn's site to check on Arnie's progress. Another blogger who communicates with her said that he went home and then had to go back to the hospital again. Haven't heard anything else.
I guess you are busy eating those peas. (:)

Mother Nature

The poem expresses so beautifully how nature nurtures. Your garden is a lovely place. The garden house is so inviting. Let's dance.:)


Just found your blog and am enjoying reading your posts and looking at the lovely photos. The Wendell Berry poem is a favorite and it's good to be reminded by its message again.

Beautiful design for your herb garden, very inspiring.

Thanks for writing and I look forward to more.

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