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Sunday, August 24, 2008



Absolutely fabulous.


Hi. I'm visiting you for the first time from the traveling yahoo group we share membership in. I gladly add you to my list of Euroblogs I keep bookmarked. Lovely pictures, all, but the cat stole my heart.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Oh my gosh, Roz, you outdid yourself with this visit to Wales with Liz. The photos are magnificent. My favorite is the church door and the hydrangeas--and the box bed. I had never heard of that before.

Sounds like you are prepping for your studies and I am right there with you. What you are studying is what I would study if I were taking classes again.

And welcome back to the blog. You are always worth waiting for.


So nice to see you've returned to blogging. Your entries are always so interesting that they are worth watching for.
Oh, if only it were "too wet to garden" here. My poor lawn has turned brown--not sure that it can recover.
The location for the retreat is beautiful! If one cannot become inspired there, I don't know that one could anywhere.
All of your pics are great, especially the blue flowers. Did you manipulate that color in photoshop? Very peaceful and serene.
The pic of the food made me laugh as I recalled the Food Network TV show "Two Fat Ladies". Please don't be offended, I'm not calling you or Liz fat ladies, but I always think of that show when I think of English cuisine. Does the BBC broadcast something akin to the Food Network?
Again, good to have you back in blogland.


It looks like a wonderful place for a retreat. I'd love to try that Welsh bed box. I always thought that was a Dutch idea.

Sam looks happy.



Roz, it's so nice to have a new entry from you and this one was well worth the wait! You always manage to take us with you on your jaunts round the countryside. Thank you! Marilyn


Welcome back Roz! Missed reading your blog.

Joan S

What a lovely Monday surprise!! My daily checking at last rewarded! And gorgeous photos. So glad to see you back! I had begun to worry a bit that something was wrong - glad to know that you were just busy!

Eunice Oakley

Hi, Roz, I've missed you over the summer. Glad you're back, and I absolutely LOVE the pics. I have never been to England or Wales, but my husband has, and he is also enjoying the pictures.

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