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Sunday, September 14, 2008



Here in the US we have what we call flea markets (outdoor) and very fun! I love old things and would rather have something old and one of a kind anyday.


I am going to Copenhagen in two weeks. Every Saturday morniing there is a huge secondhand market there which I will visit, and I plan to buy some royal blue.

When I was in Durham a few weeks ago I came over an antique fair. There I bought a glass bowl, on a silver stand. It had this wonderful milky blue colour like the one you show here. It was made in Gateshead about 100 years ago I think.

Jackie B

What fantastic finds. The shoes are fascinating and the pin trays are great.


You have such an eye for spotting the good stuff. Those little shoes are amazing, the blue glass basket is beautiful. It is all so interesting.



Oh, I absolutely LOVE that blue glass bowl/basket. Wonderful color! I live in the Washington, DC area and a few times a year we have what is called the "DC Big Flea" where over 1000 vendors come together to sell and barter. I told a friend it was like going to 1000 junk shops in a few hours! Exhausting, but I love it.


Well written article.

sharon gordon

Alittle late to reply I know but I have just bought a pair of clogs like the ones you have pictured and I wanted to date them roughly for the children in my class, it is nice to see someone else enjoying the same things!

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