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Sunday, October 26, 2008



Roz, your writing about the season is beautiful as are the dolls. I always get a bit envious when I see the great things you find for such small prices. That crone in the blue and white makes me weak in the knees, LOL!


roberta snape

Love these dolls, got about 4. Just been to Scotland, Sutherland, it is very beautiful there. I put pictures on the web diary and lots of pictures of dolls on there.


OMIGOSH. These dolls are outstanding. What a treasure trove you found. I've done an online search and there isn't too much to be found - YET. Thanks for sharing these here.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I love the candle photo, Roz, and the into the dark theme. The Highland dolls are also a real find; such detail. Do you keep your collectibles you buy used, or do you resell them?

I think our time changes in a week. Sigh. I like the longer hours of light.

Love to you and yours.


I really enjoyed your last two entries. One full of light, the other dark.
Those dolls are beautiful in a rustic, country way.


You always put the magic of the seasons in perfect words, Roz. Love it and somehow it feels good to have such wonderful company when going into the dark months. And the dolls... What a find! Beautiful!


Roz, I love the Highland dolls. My girlfriend and I collect 1/12th size miniatures and I am so sad at present that all mine are in boxes waiting for a shadow box to be hung on a wall. It won't be in this house however, as we are only renting for a brief time. One day very soon... they give such pleasure in a small space don't they? Chel


Roz, the dolls are delightful. The man with the tweed hat and pants and brown sweater is my favorite.

The candle picture is highly evocative at this time of the year - the promise of going inward.

Love to you.


Greetings to you from the dark lands of winds and powercuts. Candles much in evidence here over the last few days!

The old lady doll with the spinning wheel made me smile. How long before I look just like that, I wonder.

When you do get to visit the Heilan's again, be sure to try and make the extra journey up here. We'll try to arrange an electricity supply for you.

PS I believe that I owe you email. I promise that I shall get around to it soon


Mornin' Roz,
These remind me of the French Santons. All manner of people doing their everyday chores - spinster, farmer, shepherd, etc. that are placed around the Nativity Scene. My sis got Phil and I each one when they lived in France and we put them out each year, even though they are half again as big as the Creche figures. These are lovely.

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