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Monday, October 27, 2008



The cards ar so interesting Roz. I particularly like the hats in the ones from Volendam. I wonder when something changes from fashion to traditional cosutme - or the other way around.



Hi Roz, I am Britt Arnhild's Austrian friend Dagmar. Regarding the postcard of the Alpine flora: the red flowers beside the Edelweiss and gentian are called Almrausch here in Austria, the correct name is Alpine rose, the latin word is Rhododendron hirsutum L.

Greetings from Austria to beautiful England



Whenever I see the Dutch women's hats I cannot help but wonder how that shape became the traditional style. Thanks for sharing your loot, Roz.


Everything is very interesting and those hats are incredible!

Fran aka Redondowriter

These are so interesting. In a box in the attic I know I have a shoebox filled with old postcards from my parents and step mom. I also have some old photo albums that came into the archives but aren't connected to the school. Don't you feel like you somehow or other tap into "another world" when you get this kind of stuff?

Jade Blue

I just loved reviewing these photographs and then perusing your blog more. It looks like you enjoy life!

The photograph of the Hessian wedding is so complicated -- elaborate and yet somehow sad. The children trailing behind the couple remind me of Victorian funeral children for some reason. And yet the clothes' color and designs suggest festivities.

Also impressive photo of the artichoke you grew. Makes me want to grow one next year!

Stephanie Lish

OK. I have to say this. Those two girls from Axel look like some sort of insects, do they not? Wings and all. Maybe grasshoppers? They even have antennae on their heads!



You always find such wonderful things Roz. Where will you take me to shop when I come in February?

I am glad Dagmar could be of help :-) She is a Venice lover, just like the two of us.


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