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Tuesday, October 07, 2008



Well I was looking for the logo for "United Church Women" (UCW) because we are just beginning to put up power point announcements in church, but what I found was the logo for "Ultimate Christian Wrestling" (UCW). Hardly what we admit to doing in the Unied Churcu of Canada.


I'm familiar with the website Roz but haven't seen the magazine itself. I love using found object in artwork. The latest thing I added to my supply of *found* was a grocery list someone left in a library book I checked out.


Alannah Allbrett

Hi Roz:

On the Found Magazine, I have never seen it or heard of it before. I'm confused as to what you say it is and what it looks like.

To me, it looks like prisoner's pictures and I would assume the found would mean they have been located after being on the loose from the law?? That's what all those pictures look like to me -- the opposite of a Wanted poster: Found.

Tell me what you think.


Tomorrow I plan to show my find in my blog :-) Somthing I found at a local Ocfam shop.

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