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Monday, November 24, 2008


Melissa's Cozy Teacup

Gasp, applaud, applaud. I love it! So adorable and I also love the new photo of you (I put your blog on rss feed so I'm not always able to see the whole thing, just the post I go into so I don't know if the picture has been up a while). In any case, you look stunning!


What a gorgeous dollhouse! It reminded me of one of the Princesses houses in one of the London museums. I hope you'll be able to quit drooling in a day or two - or somehow miraculously find "X" amount of pounds in your budget to bring it home to Autumn Cottage. I thought about your Arcade as I read your day out at Hungerford! Hugs.


What a beautiful house, I could almost pack my belongings and move in. Thank you for these photos, they brought back many chidhood memmories.

Stephanie Lish

How wonderful; I would very much like to have it under my Christmas tree. But have you any idea what it would cost to ship it to the US? Not too long ago I inquired about the price of shipping a basket for logs to keep near my fireplace; I think it was not much bigger than that dollhouse. The price was over 200 GBP!! The seller and I mused that I could have bought it it's own seat on a major airline for that amount!!


And it will be too big and heavy for a suitcase......What a pity!


Beautiful! I longed for a doll house as a child, and this one would have really fit the bill!

ginny carter smallenburg

I have never seen dollhouses such as this. Extraordinary!
This is my first visit to your blog and I love your photography and your musings.


I can't do the doll house, but THE CANDLESTICK is another story.


BEAUTIFUL doll house. My dad is making my niece's daughter one for this Christmas. Lots of work involved.
Today is Blog Comment Day.
I have been following your blog for a while.
Thanks for Sharing.
I hope you have a perfect day

Joanne Barragan

Dollhouses like this are a rare find. Just by looking at the thatched roof, this house is truly a beautiful output of one's craftsmanship and creativity. What makes this house stand out is its genuine parts, from the timbers to the roof. Ahh, it's a beauty to see this lit up in a dark room.

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