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Tuesday, January 06, 2009



They were called Woolco when I worked in them as a teenager. I worked in the jewelry dept - which I love. I bought the material for my wedding dress at Woolco and remember learning what "domestics" meant. ha


Oh Roz, snap. Couldn't believe it when I went to your blog this morning and found we had covered the same subject. Must have been telepathy through the email waves last night. LOL, Margaret.


Sadly, a sign of the times. Our Woolworth's (here in the States) closed several years ago. I didn't know they operated abroad. But, how I loved them! Our local Woolwowrth's is now an office building for a major business.

Here in the States the big thing about Woolworth's that set them apart from other stores was the ice-cream fountain. So in addition to all the wonderful bargins, shoppers could stop and have a Coke or milkshake along with an egg salad or grilled cheese sandwich.

Good memories!!


It makes me sad to see the old stores go. I don't know if there are any Woolworths left in the States.

Memories? Ours had this strange system for sending money, for change I guess. They put the money is a sort of bullet capsule and put that in a overhead tube where it whooshed off somewhere - and whooshed back. That was probably before your time tho.

I recently posted a picture of an old Woolworths menu on my blog.


Cari Spano

Roz, Woolworths was a huge part of my childhood here in the states. On Saturdays, my mother and I would walk "uptown" to do our shopping, which always included Woolworths. One of my favorite memories of my childhoods is the snack bar at woolworths. We would have french fries hot out of the fryer, with a cold glass of Coke in a bell-shaped Coke glass, dipping each fry in rich red ketchup before gobbling it up. During my teen years, I bought 45 records and happy face stickers and a furry foot rug all from Woolworths. My childhood would not have been the same without it. I have long since left my home town, but Woolworths left, even before I did. I understand your sense of loss and nostalgia!


Oh what nostalgia. Our downtown Woolworth's must have closed over 20 years ago. I loved going to Woolworth and picking through all the wonderful goodies that were there. AND THE FOOD COUNTER!! What a treat to go in and settle on a stool at a long counter and tuck in for some great comfort food.


Yes, Woolworth's (cheap is right -- the nickname for them here was "dime store" or "five and dime") closed maybe 30 years ago in the US, and then became "Woolco," to compete with K-Mart, which had devolved from Kresge's. I do miss those dime stores, with their candy counters and endless displays of little nothings -- just as you describe! Now we have "Dollar Stores," though, that are very similar -- except more expensive, obviously!


I grew up in Philadelphia,PA in the 50's and 60's. My friends and I would walk up to what we called "The Avenue." (In this case it was Frankford Ave, originally called Old Bristol Pike.) There was a Woolworth's that we went to all of the time. In those days, items were put out in wooden bins with very little packaging. Since none of us had any money, we seldom bought anything. I DID like the balsawood airplanes, jacks and paddles with balls attached to elastic. When I was in the 8th grade, I walked up with one of my girlfriends. She was looking at something - can't remember what now. She said she would really like to have it. I shrugged and said I didn't have any money. She said to me "Haven't you ever heard about a five finger discount?" Well, I was petrified that she would steal something, and it would be assumed that I was stealing also. So, I told her in no uncertain terms that I was leaving NOW. I did. She got mad at me, and after that we weren't friends anymore. No big loss, there! I can still remember buying a "cherry coke" for 10 cents though. I guess that really ages me!


Hi Roz, just stopping by to catch up with you - see I've missed lots of good stuff such as sheep checking out your garden and now Woolworth's closing! Our Torquay store was a favorite hang-out in the 50's when I was old enough to take the bus into town alone. Would meet friends from school and we'd each chip in a few pence to buy a bag of their wonderful warm cashew nuts to share. Then we'd head to the counter with all the shampoos which, at that time, came in little individual plastic packs which were fun to squeeze - I remember one burst and squirted everywhere and I think we hung our heads and hurried away, quite embarrassed!

Of course in later years, on my many trips home, I've dragged dh to Woolworth's for the sweets - always fresh because of their turnover. Tins of Quality Street and Roses, bars of Cadburys, Black Magic for my mum and Dairy Box - my favorite - which I think is no longer made.

Sad to see all these changes over there (and here). Even M&S Simply Food, which just opened at the end of 2006, is closing in Torquay. When I get back in the Spring I fear the town center will have many boarded up shops - a depressing thought. Then there's Wedgewood/Waterford/Royal Doulton etc. - such venerable old companies going under.

Anyway dear - happy new year to you. Let's make the best of it all, we stoic Brits are good at that! It's very sad that so many good people are losing their jobs too. Perhaps this will give us the chance to enjoy the more simple things in life that have been forgotten.......and never even experienced and enjoyed by the younger generations!


P.S. How wonderful that Britt-Arnhild is coming to visit - I love to read about her life and travels. Have you met previously?


Oh roz, how the memories were brought to life for me with the posting of Woolworths here. I remember them as being known here in the satates as our five and dime store when I was a child. Sadly they have long been gone now here but I still have the embroidery hoop my mama bought me there one day not to mention how I so enjoyed her letting me pick color after color of threads to go with it and a few iron on patterns too to get me interested. Lunch at the soda fountain is such a fond memory. Thank you for those memories this morning, as I came to see what you've been up to here.

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