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Friday, February 06, 2009



How unfortunate for you and Britt. Hope it improves but not looking like it from the forecast. All we have had today is torrential rain but they say it might turn to snow.

Leslie Garcia

Oh my goodness!!! I am saying prayers that you all stay safe and warm and that the snow does not stop you from your visit with dear Britt- Arnhild...I know how much you both have been looking forward to it. Weather rules the world!
Thinking of you dear Roz,

Britt Arnhild

Well, we didn't make it this time Roz.

But some day we will meet, in England, in Norway, or in Venezia!!!!!!

I am in London, have bought a loads of books about litterary London and plan a quiet night at the hotel.

Love, Britt Arnhild



It does look pretty doesn't it? I've been following the news with interest and I'm not really that surprised at the chaos ~ I remember it being much the same last time.

I just stopped by from Britt Arnhild's blog and I've enjoyed my visit.

Marie x


Oh how disappointing. I hope maybe tomorrow will be better and you can meet. So close, yet so far.


Greetings from Canada! Sorry to hear that the snow has been wreaking such havoc for you all across the Pond! Outside of my house our snowbanks are 5' high, we're used to snow but even we think this is getting a bit ridiculous. Some people here carry bags of kitty litter in their car for grit if they are caught spinning on ice - just an idea.

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We only have wet and dry seasons here, and the photos of your snow looks very nice, tho I can read thru the comments that its not safe outside. Nevertheless, you're blessed to have four seasons. How I wish I can experience autumn, spring & winter someday. I'm happy to read some or your blogs. I enjoyed mostly your photos. Thank you for sharing to the public. I'm from Southeast Asia, btw.

piano teacher

Hi! I love your photos. The last one looks like two sheep resting, kneeling.

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