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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Looks like a wonderful travel - enjoy!

Fran aka Redondowriter

How I wish I could have been there, too. It sounds glorious. It's so wonderful to have a friend to share these travels with.

I also like the memories for later writing. I used to do that exercise in travel journals but I called them snapshots. Now I'm out of creativity.

You look wonderful, Roz--rested, fit, and very beautiful. I know this hasn't been the easiest set of months in your life so I'm glad you got away.

When you mentioned Portsmouth my own memory of the Mary Rose Museum and the hulk of that ancient wreck came to mind. Of everything I saw in England in 1989, for some reason that sticks in my mind.

Have a good summer. You started yours early.


I can't wait to see and read more. I know France pretty well, being there many times travelling around, so I'm curious to know what impressed you the most.
A bientot Roz.....


What a wonderful travel and (like Fran said) you look great!I love also your list of memories, an inspiring idea in many aspects. Not only as notes for later writing, but it's in itself great. It's a poem, catching for you your whole journey and giving us snapshots of it. A wonderful idea!


Such a lovely entry! Looking forward to more pictures and stories.


You have certainly whetted my appetite for more of your pictures and stories! Lovely photos and the little snippets of things you saw/did/thought are just tantalizing. You look very smart in the photo with Elaine - cheers, indeed.

hannah d.

hey ros
nice pics
i'm spending a lot of time in france too right now.
indeed, i moved here 4 weeks ago;-) got a 1 year contract at a uni in grenoble. all change. photos etc. on my new blog;



Roz, your words and pictures make an arresting combination. I'm glad you had a great time.


Divine, utterly divine. What I wouldn't give to have been there with you making some of those memories together! One day, my dear, before either of us in wheelchairs ... one day!


Lovely overview sharing of your recent trip. I'm so glad it was a good one.


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