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Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Hello roz, nice to see a lovely update. We have those wreaths here - they are mostly Italian culture inspired and are mostly made for italian graves by the families. They are incredible expensive but I gues s far more everlasting than real or plastic flowers. We have a huge Italian populace here.
ps really enjoyed your last post in france! lovely!!

hazel coombes

Hello, I have only just found your blog and I have really enjoyed viewing it, especially your garden. I remember having the glass domes in my bedroom when I was a child with flowers and birds in them I never really liked them then but would certainly treasure them if I had them now.
I will visit again,
Hazel (UK)

Gina Campellone

Hello Roz,I so enjoy your blog! Makes ME want to be an "English Country Woman". So, call me boring but you want to know what I'd do with those cards? I'd actually send them to people! With email and texting so common these days, the fine art of letter writing is neglected. I don't want it to become a dying art, and so I make a regular habit of writing to friends the old fashioned way. And who doesn't love to find a personal letter in their mail box, tucked amongst the bills and junk mail?


Gorgeous craftsmanship on those flowers - pretty. As for the cards, I think they would be adorable framed and hung on a wall. Enjoy your day!


An enjoyable read as always, Roz. Great pictures.


You find out such fascinating information as one thing leads to another. I didn't know about the wreath and certainly didn't know about the "permanent" flowers. So interesting.

As for the cards? You know they'd end up in a collage at my house.



I've been meaning to send you a photo of an interesting contemporary headstone in my local cemetery and will try to do that tomorrow!

What lovely cards! I'm teaching a freshman writing course at the local college and would use them to decorate my office door in the English department. Two of my colleagues are poets , so it would be nice to show literary solidarity with them since I'm (mostly) a musician and not very skilled at creative writing!


I always enjoy visiting your blog. The wreath is amazing. The poetry cards sound delightful.
Betsy L.


Is there a card about stupid collegues? If so, I would surely register to have one and fix it on my office wall!!!
(See, I badly need a vacation, that's coming up fast, I'll leave for Austria/Germany on saturday).


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