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Tuesday, October 27, 2009



What a lovely way to interrupt the afternoon! I trust you shall give us more, yes? I'm with you on the beach thing. When travelling, I'm forever threatened with prompt abandonment if I don't get my backside into the car ASAP!

Margaret Lambert

You have relatively unhurried excursions, with time for the unexpected- I like that! It's not just what you know is there,but what you discover from beach shells and pebbles to whimsical ceramics.
I was sorry to see "An Unknown Woman" on the Lynmouth flood victims list. Did no one ever miss her and wonder?

sonja poor

Another wonderful "trip" for me, a keyboard traveler. You really gave me such a sense of the place. What a treat to see the Victorian trunk items. I don't think I would be brave enough to ride the cliff railway in person anyway.


Thanks so much, Roz, for taking us with you on your journey! I do enjoy it ever so much!


Another interesting day! Thanks for taking me along your journey.
When I visited England, I was enchanted by all those old churches, my husband and friends had to literally push me away!
Waiting for what's coming next.


What a wonderful way to start my morning. I loved every bit of this post, between your photo's and writing it was almost (!) as good as being there.

I tremble at the thought of riding that railway but I would have enjoyed the rainy beach.



Ah, you've done it again, Roz - taken me along on your interesting journey. Pleasure mixed with poignancy as I would so love to live there; but also with gratitude because you not only have the knack of conveying a you-are-there feeling, with your artful juxtaposition of town and country pictures, focusing in on details and drawing back to see the landscape - but you *use* this talent and share it with us. Thanks and love!


Nina Walsh

what lovely pictures, im going to railway this weekend so looking forward to it. I hoping the weather reports are wrong and it does not rain this weekend.

Southcliffe Devon

The Cliffe Railway is one of our prize attractions!

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