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Friday, October 30, 2009


Margaret Lambert

Why is it that some shops value their wares so highly that they'd rather own them for years than sell them? Too bad the stone sink was pricey, that would have been a temptation for me if I were gardening there...more fascinating little villages!

Sonja Poor

I found your blog, I'm pretty sure, through a link from Britt Arnhild's Norway blog which is another I so enjoy. I don't expect to ever get to travel to England or Norway and both just happen to be places I love and have always enjoyed reading about.

So when you two post so many wonderful pictures, it is just a treat for me to travel vicariously. And it is not the same, no it is much better, than reading and seeing pictures in library books, because there is, seemingly at least, a more personal connection. You aren't just showing pictures, but also describing emotions which always seems to give a broader perspective.

Anyway, just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying the trip! My little atlas is beside the keyboard so I can get a better idea of the geography.


I've been to that salvage yard but missed the dog! Incredible! Will spend a little time reading more of your posts. Always good to meet a fellow Somerset-dweller.


Roz, I enjoyed so much catching up with all your posts here this morning that I have missed. My favorite was this post, oh how I love these sort of places to enjoy,hence the comment coming with this one for all. And my favorite picture was the one with those three gorgeous windows. How could you resist that vintage birdhouse for your lovely garden or for down near the summer house? The dog skateboarding was a hoot also. Happy New Year to you friend, good health and prosperity to you.

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