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Monday, November 16, 2009



I enlarged the photo's to get a really good look. Is that a blue and white hen/covered dish that I spotted on the middle shelf?

I recently bought two hand thrown pottery soup bowls. Did I need them? You can guess. They are shown on my blog today.



I remember seeing these when I was there and thought "how in the world does she keep all this dusted?" So now I know that it's all part of the "domestic stuff". Love the little egg cups that are little chicks bottoms and feet.

Margaret Lambert

Just delightful, Roz! And I get just the same response- "How do you keep it dusted?!!" It pays not to be too obsessive with that... I was in the antiques business for years and kept too much, which I adore and hate to part with.

Rental Property Management

Oh! I have the same question, how do you keep it dusted? They are so lovely to my eyes. How I wish I could maintain a corner like that in my house. My main problem is cleaning and organizing... oh well..


You do collect alot of the same things as I do :-) Nice to have a look.

Gypsy Purple

Love the egg cups!!!


I love your things and I'm a bit cluttery myself! But the collections give me such joy!

Beautiful things -- love your egg cups!


hope you have a lovely christmas Roz...all the best Krissie I see you havent updated here for awhile - guess you are busy?


Fantastic site. Just wonderful. Sadly the values you have are evermore sparse these days.

piano teacher

How do you make those pitchers shine? I see the spotlight in the corner, they must look so lovely in the evenings when the spotlight is on... :-)

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