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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Margaret Lambert

Roz, I have journaled off and on since I was 12. My list, in no particular order: I am Curious(I never stop educating myself). I am a world citizen (I am concerned for the well-being of the world at large and all it's peoples). I am a mature woman (I acknowledge that I am "of a certain age" and appreciate it). I am a caretaker (I am or have been wife, mother, daughter, daughterinlaw...). I am a cheerleader(I encourage those around me). I am analytical (It might come from a lifetime living with scientists and engineers). I am a volunteer (If others can't or won't do what is necessary or if it is my interest or expertise,I will do it). I am a Baha'i (My spiritual path for my entire adult life-39 yrs). I am a mentor (I help others to find their way). I am working to goals (I always have a list, an idea and a dream). Interesting "little challenge"!


What a tremendous radio program. Thanks for pointing the way, once again. I'm off to see the Identity Project next. I have a few diaries that I've collected over the years. One of a sailor of 1919, another of the step-father of my Mexican auntie growing up with a keen interest in literary things and music. I treasure them all. My own diaries, kept over the years in one form or another, are droll beyond belief. But they do indicate what I was thinking and doing at the time.

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