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Tuesday, January 05, 2010



Roz, I love the ornaments. You can tell they're all friends. I also like Teddy in the wicker basket in front of the fireplace.


We will be doing all our holiday packing up on the weekend coming. I'm not looking forward to it ....

hazel coombes

Thank you for sharing your Christmas packing up with me, it was lovely to see some of your treasures and I loved the photo of your Mum and her DGC. The swedish elves look as thou they are going to have some fun.

Happy New Year Roz and I look forward to reading your writings in 2010.
Hazel (UK)

Margaret Lambert

A lovely post, Roz. It is so important to have touchstones for memory,to share with each other and have joy in our homes to mark the seasons and holy days.


Christmas ornaments SHOULD be memories. It is always so sad to see the boxes tucked back in storage -- the house seems so sparse the first week or so in January!


Happy memories all nestled in their boxes. You'll be taking them out again for Christmas 2010 before you know it.

Glad to hear this was a good holiday year for you and yours.



With so much hustle and bustle before the holidays its always nice and seems more fitting toto reflect on the memories when you are once again packing them away for another year. Glad your holiday was content for you and your family.


Hi Roz,
I like your setting for Christmas. I am only waking up, feeling like I have been in a cocoon for over 10 years when I had the most precious of ornaments, all hand made. I had spent many many hours making these ornaments but gave them away the Christmas I lost my dear husband Don. Christmas wasn't the same for a long time, in spite of a lovely new and patient husband some time later!

This year I decided I might get a christmas tree, but am still looking. I started looking at websites for decorations and found some beautiful ones. Last year I decided I would start a collection of Christmas angels and a girlfriend and I swap angels each Christmas. I like that idea. Next year I might venture even further. I enjoyed my Christmas so much the better this year as my sisters and I celebrated together for the first time in 34 years! Christmas has been sad for me in many ways for so long and I really empathise with those who have very sad tales of loss and grief and separation.
Luv Chel
(This wasn't meant to be a sad post!)


Our tree is still up....can't find the time till next saturday to put it down!

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