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Monday, February 08, 2010



Lovely things!


The cork scene in the glass case is amazing.

I don't know what it is about miniatures but they certainly have a lot of appeal. Maybe I like feeling like Alice in Wonderland.


Margaret Lambert

I have a couple miniature rooms which came with all the furnishings- an Austrian cottage and a Mexican kitchen. Many of my miniatures are of antique kitchen miscellaneous items and I display them in a 19th c. New England country store postal box- in the kitchen!

Cass at That Old House

Oh how beautiful! I am especially captivated by the cork scene. what amazing workmanship. Incredible!


Do you think some of us simply retain the ability to 'play' like children do or perhaps we just like to 'escape' into a world we have created from our imagination.


Whilst I don't have any of our miniatures on display at present, I have a lovely collection of miniature clocks which I gave my (late) husband from time to time. They were readily available at the time, and I didn't realise until just before he died how much this collection meant to him!

I have a girlfriend who also collects miniatures mostly in 1/12th scale. We often give each other presents of recent finds. It is a delight to find these pieces and marvel at the craftsmanship and the history of the piece.

One aspect I love about collecting miniatures is that they don't take up much display room and can usually be contained in a display case, so no *dusting*, the bain of my life!

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