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Sunday, February 14, 2010



It really does stir the imagination, doesn't it! I love the story you gave to your find.......how old is Autumn Cottage?

Roz Cawley

It's three hundred years old, Elaine - or, rather, it is believed to have been inhabited by humans from about 1700 - but possibly/probably by livestock before that.

JoAnn S

gosh, what a joy to live in an old house, no such luck here in the usa suburbia lol. but i can dream. you are a lucky soul.


That's exciting Roz! All our urban areas are very young in comparison to UK.

No such luck here either for archaelogical finds. This area was all rural land until the obsessed government started ripping it all up for coking coal and gas in the '40's.

Margaret Lambert

Thanks for posting the new version of the bread crock- amazing that nearly the same thing is still made and used!


Hi Roz! What an interesting find. Last year I did a lot of digging in my yard here in Ohio and I found a tiny doll-size pewter tea cup (smaller than a thimble for your smallest finger) and a blue and white marble. Our village was founded in 1805 but I'm guessing these items aren't much more than 100 years old. Meanwhile, the children next door have lost coins and other little things in the grass of the yard. I wonder who will find these new little child's treasures in 100 years?


What a find. I'd be thrilled to discover something like that in our yard. We did find an Indian arrowhead on the property at our Mt. House. I was pretty excited about that.



What a great find Roz. I share your sentiment over such found objects dug up...treasures! I have a tiny clay thumb pot that I dug up on my grandparents farmland long after my grandparents were deceased. I like to think that it once was a possesion of my Nany (grandmother).


My siblings and I have found little items while playing in the garden as kids - some china bits, some glass bits, an old coin. We would make up stories about them. It really makes you feel like there was indeed someone living here before, other lives went on in this place.

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