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Thursday, May 06, 2010


Margaret Lambert

Through all its' years of "improvements", adjustments and change it has remained an attractive town... Though I imagine that, from today's perspective, you'd choose to retain some of what was altered or destroyed. Hindsight is always 20/20, as they say.

Ruby Sugar

Loved your sermon and feel that most people especially the younger generation take our "freedoms" for granted. I go on medical mission trips twice a year and challenge those who have never featured outside their comfort zone to take a look around the world. We are selfish and spoiled and all too often carelessly take for granted God’s bounty.
Your walk through town was lovely!


What price freedom? Unless people keep historical events alive like you are doing Roz, you cannot appreciate the struggles our forebearers went through, especially women. I get so mad when I see young ladies subserviant to their menfolk. We as sisters have fought so hard to liberate women, please girls, don't drop the ball.
sermon over now!

I hear what you are saying about volunteer counselling. I was a Lifeline counsellor volunteer for three years Roz and I miss it now. It was a richly rewarding, albeit exhausting experience. I grew so much as a spiritual person and am proud to be known as a Spiritualist, even tho' we presented as non-denominational. Chel


That was a lovely walk and the sermon needs to be repeated from time to time. Never take your "rights" for granted. Most likely someone fought for those rights.



Thanks again for a beautiful reminder of "my" beloved england countryside.

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