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Monday, June 07, 2010


Margaret Lambert

Those roof tiles- the texture and color...and you match the blue and white color theme perfectly, Roz! What a very pleasant place.


I just caught up on all of your pictures from your trip. Oh, how I wish I could have been with you - everything is absolutley beautiful. I've never been out of the USA, so I truly enjoy your travel pics!


Boursin cheese is one of my favorites. Haven't seen the other things you had tantalizing us on your table. Looks like a wonderful visit (for the most part).


A bedroom that opens right into the beautiful garden? Where do I sign up? It looks wonderful Roz, and I enjoyed seeing the cooks and the customers.



Looks so lovely, Roz.


Love the pictures of your trip.Thank you.

I lived in Saverne for several years and still have such fond memories of the food, the wine, but mostly the hospitality of the people.



Ah, Roz, I do so envy you, living just a hop, skip, & jump away from such lovely places as France, Italy, and the rest of Europe, actually! Wish I weren't an ocean and half a (very large) continent away! We could have such fun, jaunting around!

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