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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Margaret Lambert

Oh, how beautiful!! What a pleasure to see... Midsummer has little meaning or recognition in our area, but there are all sorts of events going on every summer weekend so no shortage of celebrations.


Beautiful flowers. Your cornflowers look a lot like what we called batchelor buttons when I was small.

Happy Solstice


hazel coombes

What a delightful set of pictures, love the cornflowers I have white, pink and blue ones out at the moment.

I don't really celebrate Midsummer just enjoy the lovely warm days we have had lately.
Hazel (UK)


Beautiful photos. Loved your choices and the way you captured their beauty. Enjoy the summer and keep posting.


In Norway we mostly have a bonfire on Midsummer Eve. Nowadays people often barbeque or grill sausages on the bonfire. when I ws a little girl(born in 1954) we went down to the sea to make the bonfire, brought cookies and wipped eggs & sugar. I think it was the only evening during summer we got coke or other kinds of soft drinks/soda pop.

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