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Wednesday, September 22, 2010



congrats roz on finishing your dissertion paper. Hope your shoulder gets better soon as I'm sure it will when youve had some rest form the tension of all that study!

Margaret Lambert

What a treat to have you back in blogland again!!
I adore old photos of children and have collected them for about 30 years. I've never seen a tricycle like the one the small boy is riding and the baby carriage is a graceful, unusual design as well.
Just charming!


welcome back, Roz. Congratulations for finishing the dissertation. What a relief must be. I love to look at old photos. Is there a stamp of the photographer's firm on these photos?



Welcome Back!! So glad to see that you have finished and those pics are intriguing!

Cass at That Old House

How liberating to be done with the dissertation! Kudos and congratulations.

Those old photos are so intriguing; past lives, past times.
and ... welcome back. It's your season!

hazel coombes

Lovely to have you back Roz and hope you do well with your papers. The photos are great and the one of May Villas reminds me so much of the house I grew up in in Isleworth (Middlesex). Hope your shoulder heals soon and we see more of you inthe future.

Hazel (UK)


Welcome back!
These photos are awesome, I love old pictures. I hope you can find who is on these pictures.


You've been missed, glad your're back! I'd like to know the stories behind those phots....


Good to have you back Roz and congrat`s on finishing the dissertation - I do hope the results are as you hoped for. Beautiful photos of this what seems an `early` Autumn. The old photos of a bygone era are so thought inspiring - who are they/will a relative suddenly see them and contact you..... Hope the aches and pains subside. Kindest regards.


Happy to find you posting again Roz. Congratulations on submitting your dissertation. The old photo's are great and it would be such fun to find out more about the people and locations shown.


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