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Thursday, October 14, 2010



You've motivated me to put aside some of my OWN "assumptions" and see things in a "new light"...

I have plenty of decaying hostas and clematis spins to observe...but I don't expect any fushia. The burgundy of sedum and hardy mums are plenteous but there MAY be some surprises???

Margaret Lambert

Your photos of the life-cycle of your garden remind me of a story of Abdul'Baha: He was walking with a group of friends when they saw the remains of a dog along their way. The friends all exclaimed with disgust at the sight of the decaying animal, then Abdul'Baha remarked, "But look at how white and perfect its' teeth are!"


Nature is always ready to provide us some beauty if our eyes are open to receive it. I agree with you that there is beauty in decay, there is so much to observe in that hosta leaf.



Very nice photos, indeed. I much appreciated the feeling of time passing and change, in the decaying hosta photo. I have a lot of similar photos from my garden, but yours have a more clear perspective. Nice work! What camera do you use?


Beautiful, Roz! Gathering courage from your post, I just went out and sampled the lovely purple grapes/berries from a vine that resembled yours that is twining up my back porch this year -- not good, big seeds, no sweetness, but I'm not dead yet, so.... Fall has also arrived here, and I will be gardening for a time tomorrow and in days to come!

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