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Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Margaret Lambert

I could exclaim over every detail, but will try to restrain myself. It's nearly too good to be true. And people are actually permitted to live there... Now I understand that you didn't meet a present day multiple- great granddaughter of Chaucer- oh well, that did intrigue me. It's a joy that places like Ewelme still exist.

Steve Fleischer

What a lovely place.

hazel coombes

Oh such a lovely walk I had with you Roz, so peaceful the gardens so pretty and so much detail from your photos. The stained glass is beautiful.

Thank you for sharing a delightful day you must have had.

Hazel (UK)


Just knowing places like this still exist makes me happy. Thank you so much for posting the pictures and providing the history.

I found the 'memento mori' very interesting, perhaps because I'm currently working on a little collage for Día de los Muertos (celebrated in Mexico and here in the US).



What a lovely little village! This cloister is too beautiful for words. Thank you for sharing this with us, it made me travel to dear England a little bit, and it was also very interesting :)



Alright, that's it. I've decided that if and when I decide to travel to England, I'm going to ask you to create my travel itinerary! I just loved the pics and the stories


Thanks for the "armchair/computer chair" tour - it was a mini-vacation and source of much delight for my soul. Your pictures and texts are so descriptive that I felt that I could even hear the quietness of the cloister and smell the flowers! You have quite the gift!!

Enid Wilson

Wow, thanks for the great photos and commentary. I wish I was that observant when I lived in UK some 20 years ago. Being in my twenties then, I didn't have such an eye for detail and appreciation as you have. Now that I'm writing Regency romance, I really love reading blog posts like this. I can imagine the hero and heroine rambling along.

Really Angelic


Such a lovely walk, thank you so very much for taking me with you in the amazing english countryside..........


A lovely day for you Roz. I would've loved to come with you :-)

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