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Tuesday, November 09, 2010



Love this! It is a much nicer collection of "things" than MY first place (although I did have just as many books and records -- my constant companions)! Later we had once thing I ALmost with I had back: a large oval oak dining table that had seen better days, and which we cut the legs down to 6 inches. So we sat on the floor around it (with lots of cushions!).

Margaret Lambert

A priceless photo for personal memory, Roz. Yes, it is reminiscent of my own first apartments- same era and much of the same sensibility, taking needlework pillows and such along.
At my daughter's request I started a book about 15 years ago to tell the stories of some of the special things we live with. We have photographs of family homes from 80 years ago which have familiar rugs,tables, paintings. In a whirling world of constant change there is an anchor in that.


Every single thing of my homes (apartment in the city and a cottage in the country) carry their own stories, and I do love this. Can't imagine to live in a home and with furniture with no history behind. By the way I like these cushions! Do you still have them? Or what do your present cushions look like?


It's deeply true Roz, we are surrounded by some many objects, we are used to see them as just "things" but a few of them bring back so much treasured memories.....Thanks for sharing yours.


Thanks for the peek at your former life. Funny, just yesterday I pulled a out a cup I bought while on vacation in Canada in the early '60's. It brought back so many memories including the fact that buying that cup was a big deal as money was tight in those days.


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