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Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Aren't they beautiful! My grandfather used to raise pheasant and we ate a lot of it when I was a kid.

Margaret Lambert

So, there is still a lot of color in your garden!


The pheasants are so lovely to look at. Occasionally we will see one here as we are driving along a country road. They always take my breath away.

Lil Bit Brit

I must admit living in the States I do miss seeing the pheasants and little blue tits and other British birds.

A favourite in wintertime over here is the male Cardinal. Just spectacular against a winter snow.

Great photos.

Lil Bit Brit


Great shots, Roz! I love the pheasants. Something very "partridge in a pear tree" about them, although it doesn't quite fit the song...


Thank you for helping to remind me I must fill my own church-shaped bird feeder, now that winter is upon us. Still plenty of nature-fare, but I really do want to accustom them to coming here for winter!


Those gents in the first photo look like they are in formal dress with their white collars. What handsome visitors.


Enid Wilson

Lovely. But how do you know they are boys?

Fire and Cross

Roz Cawley

Enid - Cock pheasants are the only ones with this spectacular plumage, the ladies are far more subdued!

Warm wishes from a very chilly England :-)


Lovely photos Roz. They come into our garden at this time of year as do the deer, but tend to stay further away in the orchard so by the time the camera's out and I've sneaked up on them they've decided it's time to go.

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