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Friday, December 03, 2010



The lightbulbs are wonderful and I've never heard of or seen cake toppers for Christmas. I have lots of Christmas memories but the thing that seems unusual now is the fact that we opened gifts on Christmas Eve in my family and extended family.



When my grandmother died in the mid-70s, I was able to choose things from her home, and one thing I took was her old Christmas ornaments. I have used them every year. Sadly, every year I get the box down, more are broken. I think they just crumble over the summer months... :( ...because they're very fragile.


I share your passion to rescue and restore. These certainly ARE treasures, and I think you've come up with a grand way to display them this season.

While not a family tradition from my family of origin, for the past several years I've enjoyed rescuing and restoring nativity sets. I pick up "stray" pieces and figurines and give them homes with sets that are incomplete. Thus I create some unique and quirky scenes - not unlike my own personality!

Margaret Lambert

When I was a young child in the 1950s we still had lead tinsel to hang on the tree. One strand of lights were bubblers- fluid inside a glass tube heated up and bubbled. My favorite ornaments were the mold-blown 'indents' which had more dimension and more color applied, and the tree topper which was an elaborate blown glass spear with a panache of silver tinsel, resembling the top of a 19th c. parade helmet.
I began to collect new ornaments in the mid 60s, and antique ornaments in the 70s.


Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the old creche that Kim and I had when I was a single parent. We lived in pre-war housing (a row of apartments, small and tacky) and struggled to make ends meet. The local five and dime had the Nativity characters which you could buy separately (I've not seen this before or since) and so each payday in December I bought two and we built a stable out of a cardboard box with shingles of colored paper glued to make the roof. Our little neighbor man had straw on his garden and I asked if I might have some to put in the creche and he went down and brought me a bucket of it. Several years ago I found a twig stable with the straw already glued to it and each year as I set up the creche, I remember those times and how truly Christmas is the celebration of that birth and I also remember how much there is to be thankful for. The little characters, which were paper mache', have suggered - the little lambs legs have been glued back on many times, some of the Wise Men have worn noses, but it is still the first decoration that goes up each year.

Tinsel - How in the world did we ever have the time or patience to put each single strand "just so" on each branch? For years I had a box of it in the bottom of the ornament box, but finally gave it to Goodwill.


That should be "suffered" not suggered.


At one time I had quite a few old ornaments from when I was a child (long ago). My favorite was a Santa with missing lower extremities because one of my brothers shot them off with a toy BB gun he received one Christmas. During one of my moves I lost them, misplaced them or forgot to pack them...but each and every Christmas I recall them. Hoping you keep warm and safe with your weather there. Have a happy holidays season Roz.

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