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Saturday, January 22, 2011



I have several "imperfect but interesting" items around my house (including myself)! None however would I hold with the solemnity your pitcher invokes.


What a lucky find! It's gorgeous, and horrifying at the same time. Of course the horrifying bit is only through our 21st century eyes & moral compass -- the 1858 folks thought nothing of it.

I found a charming little purple glass cream pitcher the other day at the thrift shop. Nothing special, but obviously pre-1914. I couldn't resist it. I love rescuing treasures like this from the unappreciative world.

Margaret Lambert

A very interesting find, Roz. The two small holes in the rim are indicative of a long-lost metal lid. I found that the British Museum owns an intact example in its' collections:

The anti-slavery movement got a big boost from the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe; it was translated into many languages.


Absolutely stunning. Great article you linked to, also. Thanks for your always-edifying posts. And to Margaret, for your excellent additions. :)


This photo could not have come at a better time. I started reading Uncle Tom's Cabin Saturday morning. I realized that in 67 years I had never read it. I had just finished reading about Eliza crossing the river when I signed on to the laptop to read your blog, and voila there was your pitcher. Thank you for posting it.

Ellen Elrich

I fully appreciate your find, but I would never be able to have it in my home because of the reminder of slavery. I was born in the South but of Northern parents, so our outlook was different than that of our neighbors back in the 1940's. We moved from there when I was 10, so I wasn't there for the Civil Rights movement.

Nancy Krampf

fascinating find, i had no idea of this movement in ceramics ( leave it to the artists to speak out through their work)

i have a friend who has been researching the bill of sale letters she inherited from her family of the slaves they owned. she was greatly pained at even having these in her possession until a friend explained to her how valuable they were to the families of these slaves to find documentation of their existence and family history.
it is so nice when good comes from bad and sad history.

and i am with u about the crowds.

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