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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Cass at That Old House

How wonderful! I am poring over the fragments and, like you, letting my imagination go to work.
How delightful to "know" someone with a connection to the beautiful castle used in "Downton Abbey."
Wonderful post!
thanks .. Cass

Margaret Lambert

The hand blocked wall paper intrigues me- I wonder if it could be related to a paper at the castle? There are companies which will reproduce that sort of thing, but it is unfortunately expensive since it is all done by hand.
I see a piece of utilitarian ware with what we call in the Southwest (re. pre-historic pottery made by the original inhabitants)a "corrugated" pattern. I think the design might have added strength as well as decoration. I love all the little bits!


A little hello from Norway;-))

Ellen Elrich

I just watched the first episode of Downton Abbey on PBS and now that I know more about the magnificant castle I will look at it with different eyes. I just learned of your blogs and I'm sure I will enjoy them as I am kind of an anglophile and especially love learning about the English countryside.

Sonja poor

Roz, Downton Abbey is just starting here and I watched and so enjoyed the first episode, It was delightful to see and examine all the fragments you've uncovered and saved and to think of their use in bygone days. I will watch the outdoor scenes with new interest now.

hazel coombes

Oh what a treasure trove you have there Roz every piece tells a story of some kind, love it all.

I have just finished watching the repeat of DA and so look forward to the new series in the Autumn.

Thank you so much for sharing your finds with us.

Hazel C (UK)

Mary Lou/TX

Oh, what fun. I spy a fragment of a Dundee crock. Maybe it contained some orange marmalade? That brings back so many happy memories of my university drama teacher,
Alec Reeve. (1960's) God rest his soul. He was an expat who moved to Texas for health reasons. His wife would send him jars of Dundee orange marmalade. He not only introduced me to it's wonderful taste, he gave me two crocks, which I treasure to this day. (And, he taught me to love England.)

I also see one chip of Blue Willow. Now, who doesn't love that?

Last Sunday night was the premire of
Downton Abbey. What a treat to know that you live close by. That makes it even more special. Can't wait to tell my daughters.

It was meant for you to live at Autumn Cottage. How many people would take the time to save and frame those treasures?

Thank you so much for sharing.


Happy New Year from Dallas Tx
We have just viewed our first episode of Downton Abbey. So fascinating to know Autumn Cottage is in its midst. Another devoted Anglophile here. Love your beautiful and inspiring blog


Fascinating shards and the wonderful stories you come up with about them. We take walks along the bay and sometimes find bit of pottery or glass the sea has left behind. Sometimes don't you just wish they could TALK? LOL!



Now I have to find "Downtown Abbey" on my TV!!!

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