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Thursday, January 27, 2011



Thank you for inpsiring us to remember...


This is heart-wrenching to read, Roz. When I was at Northwood Jr. High, one of the social studies teachers invited a Holocaust Survivor to speak to her class. The woman had survived Auschwitz (sp?). It was a moving speech, her outlook was so positive and even with the memory of the horrors of it, she celebrated living. She was living for those who didn't survive. I thought it was a good way to honor those who died.

Ellen Elrich

Very touching. I selected 4 yr old Elizabeth Pakkerdrager from your list. I have 4 yr old twin grandchildren in Switzerland.


She is precious, Roz. I have a small collection of memoirs by holocaust survivors. It's heartbreaking to read all that they went through, what strength and courage they had to survive to the end.

Diana Birchall

This is very hard to read or to think about, Roz. It brings up memories of my childhood in New York, and all the refugees and survivors who passed through our house. I was born right after the war, and my grandmother, who was Jewish, was president of Women's American ORT, which helped refugees. I never saw camp survivors, to my knowledge; these were people who had escaped from Germany and needed help as refugees. There were always committee meetings, bundles of clothes being collected, people sleeping on the couch for months, and weddings in our living room! Lots of old memories.


Having just read Elie Wiesel's Memoirs (the first volume) this month, your post is especially meaningful. I remember his little sister, Tsiporah, whom he called Tsipouka. When the train arrived at Auschwitz, he and his father were separated from his mother and sisters....that was the last he saw of his mother and Tsipouka; he never got to say goodbye. One horrendous story among so many....


Is Holocaust Memorial Day honored only in Britain? I have heard nothing about it here in the U.S. I do think we should have it here as well -- we should never forget the evils perpetrated by the Nazis and the individuals tortured and murdered by them.


Thank you.


I will never ever forget the very very thin woman with the numbers tatooed on her arm who sat in our kitchen one day crying because she was so ever thankful and grateful she remained alive and was in the United States. I think of her so often. God rest the soles of the victims of this tragedy and God bless those who survived.


Souls - sorry

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