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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Nancy Krampf

When my mothers oncologist was seeing her I was somewhat taken aback at this Dr.'s lack of emotion. However when a woman I knew, Leah, died, he wept uncontrollably for she was a Holocaust survivor and had endured so much. I then realized how heavy his burden must be.
My heart is heavy with this post.
EWA KOENIGSTEIN you are not forgotten.
and Leah you are not forgotten either.

Roz Cawley

Thank you - all of you - who have left your comments here on this topic, and for sharing your own stories and sometimes painful personal memories of people and events associated with this terrible time. Thank you particularly for choosing names - plucked out of the mist of the past - to shine a loving light on them for a few moments. They are not forgotten.
I believe International Holocaust Memorial Day is honoured world-wide - the 27th January - the date that the camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated - was chosen by the United Nations
However, Yom Ha'Shoah, the Jewish day of memorialisation can fall on a different date each year, in correlation with the Jewish calendar (please correct me if I am mistaken in this matter)

Thank you all again.

Margaret Lambert

I am days behind- somehow missed this post, but I thank you for your remembrance of the names which represent individuals and lives cut painfully short. I never think of it without a lump in my throat...


I adopted Berl Bankier, aged 9 who is but a star amongst zillions of stars representing all the children of the Holocaust, all twinkling in the heavens. Shine on sweet Berl!

Dancing Beastie

Impossible to think of this without tears. Any one of these deaths would have been a tragedy. I pray for them.

I have just finished reading Anne Michaels' 'Fugitive Pieces', which I highly commend to you if you have not read it already. It is about lives scarred by the horrors of the war years, and about the nature of humanity and of love and remembrance. It was often almost too sad or too horrifying to read, but is also one of the most beautiful, wise books that I have read in years.


Dear Roz, I wanted you to know that I just finished watching the last episode of Downton Abbey on my computer tonight. Oh, I can't tell you how sad I am that the series is over, but I am SO looking forward to watchng the new episodes when they are shown. Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful series!


Are you going through a personal crisis? Or do you only post once a month?

Roz Cawley

"classof65" - I post only when I have something to say - and if i was going through a 'personal crisis' I certainly would not discuss it here.Thank you.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I just read this post, Roz, and it is deeply moving. When you are in Israel the tour guides talk about when Israel came to be after WW II, but in the tourist realm, there aren't specifics. I sat next to two Jewish men coming home from Israel who had gone from Miami to bury their mother in Israel and I wondered if she could possibly have been one of the death camp survivors. When you put a face and name to the statistics, it is really chilling.


The idea of personalizing Holocaust victims has been practised in History projects at Austrian schools for years, and I´ve myself experienced very touching moments on the occasion of a commemoration ceremony in Vienna with students. If you want to know more about it, have a look at http://www.lettertothestars.at

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