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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Margaret Lambert

I have no trouble whatever seeing the attraction to Portugal!


Such beautiful scenes and I am absorbing the warmth of the sunshine as well. I came over from Britt-Arhnhild's blog and am delighted to discover you again....it has been a few years since I last visited but now you are on my blogroll and I shan't lose you again.


Oh, the skies! Oh the intricate patterns of the monastery! What an invitation - to hang out with the writers (and readers)!

I really enjoyed your previous post, too. I'm in awe of your location and its relationship to The Manor! I can't imagine the thrill of uncovering those pieces of history in my own back yard.


I'm dreaming about warmer and sunny places right now, we're having a long and cold winter here.....


So when will be find you sitting with your journal in that cafe overlooking the water?



These are beautiful, especially the arches of the monastery. Thanks for bringing warmth and sunshine to a gray winter day.

Edith's Miscellany

In Graz, Austria, it's raining today and it was snowing in the weekend... I'm fed up with the non-colour white! Wonderful to see that there still are places full of colours.
Thanks for the post and the beautifuly pictures!

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