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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Elaine Normandy

What fun to make such a discovery in your garden.


Great find! I'm not sure what it could be though. Nice to see you back!

Margaret Lambert

Couldn't it have been a terra cotta garden pot? What a nice way to connect with the long history of the house and the land...

Fran aka Redondowriter

Well, I have another scenario. Knowing the Romans built in your country, I personally think it is an invaluable Roman (or earlier) pot shard. I sure hope you don't find anything that says Made in China. Lovely story.


What a great find Roz. Kind of like the garden offering you up a reward for all the hard work.



Looks like your daffodils are at the same point as ours here in South Jersey. I admire your work in your garden and am a bit envious of your son's hard work. We have a large yard which, to me, has so much potential but even though I have 4 sons and a husband(!), no one but me has any desire to make our property look nice. I picked away at a part of it this past weekend. I have the heart of a gardener, but neither the talent or much time. "Someday", I keep telling myself. For now, I will enjoy watching yours transform.

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