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Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Thank you for this post. Once again I am reminded why the issue of socially pressured dress codes and body requirements from Afghanistan to France are not a petty issue. They are a form of social control of women by and for men. Often men who do not love women. Crippling by foot binding, clothes which do not let you breath and run, all restrict women's ability to function independently.

Clothes also enforce class divisions. They mark your class and ability to be protected from sexual exploitation. Phyllis Chesler has done a study of burquas and finds that without the social implications, just as a medical problem, they are bad for women. No sunlight ever on the skin = lack of vitamin D and other things.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox and the second harvest in the US. I celebrate Thanksgiving on this day. One of the things I am thankful for is the leadership of the women of England who fought so hard for women's rights that it inspired US women to strike, get arrested, hunger strike in jail, which won us the vote.

I do not know much about those English women but in the DVD "Iron Jawed Women" the US suffragettes refer to them in many scenes. I am inspired this Equinox by your post to try to learn more about your heroic grandmothers.


Like you, I'm immensely grateful to have been born into an age of more fashion freedom than these ladies! Can you imagine having to wear all that paraphernalia! Well, actually, I think most of my own ancestral women probably were not in the vanguards of fashion back then, being mostly poor farming women who probably could not afford such things. Nonetheless, the amount of clothing and underpinings they were required to wear was staggering...I'll take blue jeans any day!

Brenda Wilson Wooley

Ohhh...pain and agony! It's no wonder they had smelling salts handy!


Aputsiaq from Copenhagen, Denmark whose link you have up there on the left "A Polar Bear's Tale" reminded me that although the traditional date is Sept 21,every year the real Autumnal Equinox occurs on Sept 23rd this year and that is when light and dark will be balanced. She is right. We should observed the actual occurrance.

So I come again to wish you all a second Happy Equinox!!!


Denims and knickers are so handy for lady gardeners (or gardening ladies) !!!


I particularly fancy the look of the wire 'bra'! Wow. How uncomfortable all of that must have been and how restrictive. I feel a swoon coming on at the very thought.

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