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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Margaret Lambert

I know that I'd love this lady! I become a little testy when people mention "clutter" to me, and clearly Olly ignores those people! Her book collection is formidable- I wish I hadn't downsized some of mine over the years, but I ran out of shelf space long ago. And the china cupboard!! Copper lustre! Blue and white!! Oh yes...a lady after our own heart.


Love this. :)


Love it - can't stop myself from buying books at library sales or yard sales. I have long since rung out of bookcase space - but I do have a nice size shed.......!!!


What a wonderful lady and I love her very crowded with books home! That china cupboard is pretty amazing too. Sometimes I think about putting up floor to ceiling bookshelves on any available wall in my house...but instead I resort to ruthless culling of the collection and still there are a lot of books. What fun it would be to visit Olly and peruse her fascinating shelves in every corner one can think of.


I want to know her!!!


Well!!! You darling people, you are welcome to bottles and curry any time, or veggie, or (dare we say it) naughty puddings whenever you fancy! I am amazed at the clarity of the photo's Roz!! books and china in garage, if anyone wants to help me and my daughters sort it out they would be delighted! The fish lamp was given to me by my eldest daughter for a birthday, just shows you what we are like! Roz, I know you are witty and very clever, but your visit showed me how kindly and human you are, I loved it. Thank you so much
Olly. x x x


Well, quite a character, I guess !!!
I love characters !!!

Caterina B

I would really enjoy her! I adore eccentrics.
And...here in the US we think lots of them live in Britain. Does she keep ALL of her books in that tiny garden shed or does she have more inside the house? I have a little
"playhouse" that I have been planning to turn into my own refuge. It's full of pots, of course, and other garden stuff. Now Winter is upon us and I guess I'll just wait for Spring but you have inspired me to make it mine, Roz!

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