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Monday, September 12, 2011


Margaret Lambert

Aside from the 'common dandelion', your local berries, ferns and foliage are so different than our own. This is a little of what makes it a pleasure to walk along with you. What is ordinary to one, is extraordinary to another...


What a lovely walk, Roz. A pleasant start for any morning - either in the walking, or reading about it. I didn't know what the staghorn lichen was called, but we have quite a lot of it in the woods behind our house. Had a lovely visit with Fran when she was in Seattle and we spoke of you and your being the link as to how we first met on-line. Autumn is upon us here, too. Trees are beginning to lose their leaves, though not many are turning color yet as we haven't had a real frost yet. Thanks again for the stroll in the English countryside. Would that it were in person.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Thank you for the link to Sacred Ordinary, Roz. I enjoyed your walk through your woods and your photography is stunning. Ah, perhaps a Roman ruin nearby. After all those years of study and anxiety, it's really nice sometimes to have routine days. It's all in the attitude.


I love your walks through the woods.


Reminds me of our strolls through burnham beeches.. we used to see toadstolls just like that... thank youfor bringing back those memories........ I can almost smell those falling beech leaves!

Laura @ PatioPatch

and not forgetting those of us restricted to the metropolis! I love (and envy) your walks and musings. Very lyrical
p.s and thank you for the comments you mailed


I love the 'shroom pics, esp. the nibbled ones. The elves and fairies were camera shy that day.


This is such a beautiful post...thank you for the lovely walk. The English countryside is indeed beautiful and peaceful in many places and how I'd love to be there in person again someday! Your treasuring of the sacred ordinary reminds me to do the same...and recall the days when I was in an office all day long wishing I had my time to myself, which I now do. Thank you for the gentle reminder to be thankful for these things.

Caterina B

Those are gorgeous photographs, Roz. I especially like the first one. I want to walk down that path.

Dancing Beastie

Stumbling upon this post, I find that you have described exactly my own feelings about blogging, and the privilege it is to live in such a beautiful and peaceful place, sharing it with others to whom it might be extraordinary. Beautifully put.

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