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Friday, October 28, 2011



Roz, this is magnificant. It also reveals a side of you I didn't know. I so enjoy using rubble (as I call things like tuna cans and cereal boxes) in my art. I do believe the women you honor would be well pleased.



This is very beautiful, and we are such a 'candle' family, any excuse and out they come!The glow calms the mind for thinking and focusing, and praying. It is one of the things to do at church that helps melt the world away. It always works wonders for contemplating I think. This is lovely Roz.xxx


This was fascinating, Roslyn. I had not heard of this custom before...so that in itself was interesting, as well as the family history you shared with us. I've looked a bit into my own family history and the women certainly did not have easy lives which makes me all the more grateful for the relative ease and freedom afforded me as a woman in this age. Your cat looks quite satisfied to have all those packaging materials for his/her food being used in such a lovely way. Your entire ofrenda is beautiful.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Roz, I love your English-flavored ofrenda and your descriptions of the photos and the memorabilia. You brought much love and energy to building it. I look forward to seeing you at Bloglandia.


This is wonderful. Be sure to let us know over on ACJ that it's here. I just stumbled on it by checking the blog to see if anything was going on here. Loved this and the tender way you've remembered your relatives and ancestors. Sweet, thoughtful and heartfelt. Thanks


What a beautiful and thoughful idea you had! It's really awesome you thought to give thanks to the women in your family tree, women are the true strenght of a family, the glue that keeps all together.


Roz - lovely. I enjoyed learning about your heritage and the interesting material you gave us.

lyle baxter

roz, what a lovely tribute to the women in your life! I love the frame and all of your collection in the background,but the best part is the story of your connection to wife#2 . amazing! thank you.

deb taylor

Roz, this is so beautiful, beyond words I can find to express.


Hello Roslyn.
Your tribute is truly an honoring of these women of your past. It is obvious how much time and love you have poured into this. I enjoyed your stories, your ofrendas, and your photos very much.
I am so pleased to be a part of this Day of the Dead celebration and happy to meet you.
♥ audrey

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