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Friday, October 28, 2011



This has been a beautiful journey, meeting the women in your life and history. I know that many of us come from different cultural and religious backgrounds but this way of honoring and remembering our family and friends in such an intimate way feels so very right to me.

thank you for joining us.

Dawn Elliott

Your ofrenda, and the story that goes with it , is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your intimate story.


Wow Rosly, this is outstanding. You have done a magnificent job of creatiing your first altar for your family. How great to see all these pictures of the women who have been in your life. Awesome!! Thank you.

Adriana Esqueda

What a beautiful and loving tribute to your family ancestry. Your shrine is beautiful and of course all the writing you did in explaining every aspect of your remembrance was great. Thank you for sharing with us.


i love every beautiful and thoughtful detail. i love too that you honor the life that passed so unexpectedly and became a bridge for the lives of your family to enter in on. i am so touched and reminded how all lives journey through the dark and light times. you have strengthen my heart just by being here.
thank you.


thank you so much for your heart warming offrenda, it is truly beautiful. i love that you chose to honor a woman whose unexpected death opened the door of life for you and your family. it is a strong reminder that we are all at times challenged by life's events. may we all walk in peace and kindness towards each other.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Your ofrenda is wrought with wonder and joy!


Roz - First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. Also, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your altar. It is truly a wonderful thing that Mexican traditions like the Day of the Dead are being adopted in other parts of the world, it made me feel so proud. As proud as your ancestors, I'm sure, would feel to see you honoring them in this manner. You've done a great job!
Hugs from California.

Margaret Lambert

Dear Roz, I love the way you have incorporated old china pieces with the photographs, telling the story of the women who have gone before you. The card looks exquisite in its' special silvered frame.

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