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Thursday, October 20, 2011



Thank you for bringing me along with you to discover this little gem.

Margaret Lambert

What a completely delightful place!! Of course you will have to go again and see more...or even the same things in another season, a different light. Love the ancient tidal mill, the lichen. A very atmospheric place...and a super photo of YOU!


I have the book, The Forest, by Edward Rutherford which is about the New Forest area. I have always loved his books, but for some reason, I could never get into that one, perhaps because I am so visual and have never seen many pictures of that area. Maybe, when you post some more pix - I'll try again. Also, love the sign! The "Keep calm and carry on" quote is also very popular on this side of the pond - but I like that sentiment better, especially if it's chocolate cake!


Lovely post, Roz, and beautiful pictures as always. I enjoyed my armchair visit so much even if I did substitute toast for cake.


Roz, I've enjoyed this walk thoroughlly !

AND I've kept calm for 2 weeks... Now where's the cake ???

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