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Friday, November 11, 2011


Margaret Lambert

What a story,saved to share with us on this rare day!Our connection with our ancestors strengthens with every link we find. Those tattered documents and photos speak to us, and bridge the gap from past to present in a way few other things can. Honoring them, remembering them at least once each year, whether they were veterans or not, is the least we can do. Thank you, Roz.

Dancing Beastie

How touching to read some of your own family history as it pertains to Armistice Day. These generations are passing into history now, but history, after all, is made up of the lives of real people, different from us only in the details. (I came to realise this vividly when researching the obscure lives of medieval nuns for my doctoral thesis.) In publishing this, you add a piece to the jigsaw of real stories that make up the history of the period.

What a poignant wedding anniversary it was to become, though! My granny's birthday was 3 September, the day that WW2 was declared in Britain (on her 30th birthday). I always felt a little sorry for her.


It's so poignant to have family bonds to internation events, even though they are tragic ones..... I like to dig into family stories, traditions, photos and memories, all of this make me who I am today. Thanks for sharing yours.

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