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Sunday, November 13, 2011



I feared early on where this post was headed.

I join you, Roz, in remembering those who have fallen.


What a lovely post, thank you. Old photographs, especially of that pre-war era are so poignant, aren't they? WWI stories are always especially moving, it was a real loss of innocence, more so than all the wars before. Maybe because it's just out of memory for those living now. Agincourt & Bosworth must have been just as devastating for small communities but they're too far back & we don't have photos of the men who died.


This post is so poignant and makes one decry all over again the viciousness of war and mourn the losses it causes. You tied it all together so well with the inclusion of Flora Thompson's writing, which I have read. So sad.

Margaret Lambert

I've collected portrait photographs of children for many years, having no idea of their lives outside that moment, when the shutter opened, then closed. No idea of 'what happened next'. Your connection of those particular children, from that school, is something which would not have occurred to me; it's shocking to make that link: that quiet place, and childhood memories lost on distant battlefields.
A very moving post. If there is ever more to this story, let us know.

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