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Friday, January 20, 2012


Margaret Lambert

It occurs to me that a great deal of recycling, repurposing and general frugality went on for centuries before we began to be less vigilant, more wasteful. Rag men bought clothes which had the buttons removed for re-use and had already had the collars and cuffs turned and been patched. The rags became paper. Tinkers patched and repaired pots and pans. Socks were darned. Broken china was mended with staples and make-do lids or handles. Glass chips were ground and stems replaced. We are only beginning again to be mindful of how we use what we have. Who knows what those cat food tins will be next?

Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn

I like this! It does become a compulsion.


I am loving all your stones but this one made me giggle. Me TOO! I love that I don't have to drag the garbage bin out to the curb but once every 5 or 6 weeks (the city sends someone around weekly, and MOST folks in this neighborhood use them weekly).

Always love Margaret's observations too. So glad she gets here before me. :)

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