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Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Yes, sometimes we are so used to see things everyday, that we don't really see them at all! Thanks for the beautifil photos.
Can I ask you something? My daughter is going to write down her essay for her uni degree, it's about "Post-mortem photography in Victorian era" and she have so many problems finding books here in Italy (she ordered a lot of them through Amazon, indicated to her by some uni professors around the world she contacted). In your visits to uni and libraries, could you do me afavor and look for journals and magazines articles and send them to me? Or if you know someone involved in the subject, maybe?
Thank you so very much.


A beautiful tribute to spring.

Margaret Lambert

A beautiful re-discovery of that lovely place. The Dog Violets are exquisite! And the wild daffodils- something I haven't seen. What refreshment for the spirit!

Mary Spencer

Oh so pretty! We are a little behind you here in New England, USA, but another week or so and I think we will see the daffodils. We just finished constructing an authentic English wattle fence around the herb garden of our little 18thc. cottage.
You might like to visit me too!



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