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Sunday, March 18, 2012



Love love love this post! How beautiful your robins are! (And how unlike ours—different coloring and shape and size.) Well, I just filled up my eyes! :) Thank you!

Roz Cawley

Thank you, Jamie - my first experiment with using YouTube! xx


the spiritual meaning of this is that you will have good luck! check out google for the meaning of birds. I was moved too by your story as I had a small robin appear to me in the Uk during a very difficult time and it was almost as if he was assuring me that everthing would be ok and not to worry. I love those little birds!


Thank you for this lovely post! Like Jamie,I filled up my eyes, and most especially with Daphne Ellman's work! Now I've just got to sort out how to get that calendar! And maybe a postcard or something of those wee birds with the pots & blackberry bushes ...


Oh, my dear Roz.
Isn´t this absolutely lovely.
Blessing followed by blessing. All for you. All deserved!


So pretty! I love the robin song.


Beautiful, Roz.Thanks for sharing.

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