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Wednesday, April 25, 2012



Oh dear Roz, I have a couple of boxes of unfinished projects in my sewing room stuff - things that get set aside when more pressing projects "rear their heads". Your curtains look lovely and I didn't find your cottage to be dark at all - on the contrary, the company made it light and cozy! Hugs

Margaret Lambert

My husband began to repaint the living room a yr and a half ago, and two walls and the ceiling have never been finished. Oh well. I'm sure everyone has this problem somewhere around the house! Having a lovely garden must be very pleasant- a very nice place to put your energy!

Diana Birchall

Autumn Cottage did not strike me as dark at all, but that may be because of your artfulness at letting in light. Even though I live in sunny California, our apartment is truly dark, and has no windows that look upon greenery, which has always been a grief to me. (Of course it's large, rent controlled, and a block from the beach, so this is not a complaint.) The opposite of you, I have a black thumb, or maybe it's not me so much as that plants don't thrive in darkness. (We do have a terrace with a large unhealthy bougainvillea plant, which is mainly used as a cat bed.) So, my solution to the longing for natural beauty problem (apart from reading your blog!) is to collect English bone china with flowers painted on it. Hey, it helps!


Oh yes, hordes of projects awaiting completion! It's the very devil ... NOW is the moment to be out in the garden, weeding, transplanting, building a raised bed, etc. And so the final throes of hauling everything off that huge bookcase in the living room & evaluating what to do with each book, each vinyl record, remains in limbo, with stacks of those things turning the living room into a mine field. And we won't EVEN discuss the guest bedroom, which is reeling under the burden of Things Identified To Sell At The Forthcoming Garage Sale, and all the merchandise for my clan, which I'm in charge of. It almost makes me weep to see the chaos, but I know that eventually it will all come together, sans a great deal of things that I've passed on to new homes. (At least I hope that serene picture is somewhere in my future!)


I've given up trying to have "house" projects, as a self-employed person in a recession has to spend all her time working. Even so, I have projects (like updating my website) that are going undone. I dream of a time when I can...finish that cross-stitch project...update my son's scrapbook...do my own gardening... and on and on. :) I absolutely LOVE hearing about your projects, though! xox


The window treatment looks nice an airy. I imagine the room feels cozy with those colors.


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