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Tuesday, July 10, 2012



A wonderful and very honest post Roz. Follow your heart and your gut, it will tell you what you need to know. And thank you for the link to my blog ;-) x

Sa Spencer

love that this is "out there" having been there, crashed and burned I keep returning to the why have I not got a PhD. There are other ways of stilling the curious mind - writing for publication and then you are sharing and inquiring at the same time. This is a route I am looking to pursue but the critic on my shoulder stops me venturing forth- I have seen many a good woman taken down by a PhD and the key to getting out the other side is decent, honest and trustworthy supervision and a selfish determination like no other. Good luck with your choices and thanks for sharing

Sue Krekorian

I'm intrigued by the fact that you have written precious little about why you might want to take a PhD, beyond the fact that you can. Why do you want to? Why have you not talked about the pros of the further study? Maybe the fatigue is a reason to give yourself a holiday before deciding to embark upon a further course? Is there any hurry? I have found the big 0 birthdays much harder in anticipation than in reality - the truth is that nothing much changes beyond the lack of congruency, most of the time, between the age you feel, the age you are and the age you look..... Much love xxx

Beryl Ament

Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but have you had a good medical check up? I had to fill out a form at the neurologist's office and the only 2 problems I pin pointed were "tiredness" and "memory loss". Tests showed I had a significant and potentially dangerous lack of Vitamin B12. I have been receiving shots all summer and tho' tests reveal a vast improvement, I can't honestly see much of one.
Bravo to you for thinking about the possibility of an advanced degree.

In all honesty, whenever such thoughts have crossed my mind, I have to admit it is because I regret not having taken this path at a time when it was a more viable option—just to prove I am as smart as some of the many people I know with Ph.Ds.


The only thing I can offer is how I solve these big Crossroads questions - and that is to ask myself, what would I have to give up? Given the lower energy?

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