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Thursday, March 07, 2013



How lovely to know that spring is on her way. I hope this summer is better than last year's. I love those miniature irises, and the peeling bark.


There are days when I would kill for a spot of colour. Never mind, come May and June at least we shall have some yellow with our green :-)

What do you think of your new camera, Roz? I am considering getting that model myself, to replace my pocket cam which has zoom and lens cover failures.



I have been very busy and almost missed this post.The snowdrops, the hellebores, the grasses are all so very lovely!!So nice to see the robin, our robins are back now too, Spring is coming!!!


Just to let you know that my daughter finally got her degree last week, 107 out of 110, not bad, uhu? Thanks.

Maureen McCormack

Thank you Roz for the lovely words and photos, which have given me (a much needed) relaxing and uplifting leisure hour.

Kind regards

Maureen (Shaftesbury, Dorset)

Maureen McCormack

Roz, you are the bringer of peace; thank you for sharing the pics of your week in Portugal, and your words of appreciation for all you saw and experienced.

I was tense and uptight, having just had confirmation of an upcoming job interview, and now, having visited your blog, I'm quite calm.

Kind regards

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